THS LogoDown Alternative vs. Down

Getting the right filling can mean the difference between being warm outdoors regardless of the frigid weather or being outside in a jacket that doesn't function the way you want or need it to.

There are different types of fillings on the market today, such as: down-that is made with feathers- or synthetic filling. Many tests have been conducted to prove the warmth and durability of these particular fillings.

THS Logodown alternative is a soft, lightweight synthetic fill from Milan, Italy whereas, the majority of down jackets come from China due to the down filling is comprised mostly of duck feathers.

When considering purchasing a product that offers warmth and durability, it's important to examine the functionalities that various products offer. Therefore, we give you a comparison between THS Logo down alternative and down filling.


THS Logo Down Alternative

  • Perfect for to be used in a wide scope of dry to wet climates
  • Maintain heat retention including in wet climate conditions
  • Highly durable
  • Great choice for cost conscience consumers who want durable and lightweight filled items that fits within their budget
  • Excellent heat trapping capability (comparable to 600 goose fill power); quilted texture to keep fill in place and has air pockets to let vapors escape while retaining heat.
  • Outstanding moisture barrier that allows the filling to perform well even in wet conditions
  • Quick drying
  • Highly compressible
  • High loft comprised of fibers that are soft and round with less bulk
  • Level of maintenance is simple or not complicated: you can wash it with cold water on the gentle spin cycle, then tumble dry it to finish


  • Incapable of efficiently repelling moisture: loses many of its insulating properties when wet
  • Slow to dry
  • With proper care, can last many years
  • Highly priced
  • Great heat trapping performance: performance depends on the quality of fill and source of fill
  • Excellent compressibility
  • Has a high loft with a silky feel but feathers may poke out thus, putting holes in the shell
  • High maintenance: generally needs detergents made for down and requires washing in a front loading washer. Drying should be done carefully to avoid clumping.
  • Performance of fill is idea for individuals with a sedentary to moderate physical exertion lifestyle