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Rainforest Inc.
54 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212)-575-7620

Rainforest Inc. created an accessible luxury outerwear brand combining functionality with fashion known for rugged elegancy down-filled coats.

In 2016 founder and CEO Jack Wu began to produce THS Logo T Hot Style Down Alternative in Italy. THS Logo T Hot Style Down Alternative is composed of synthetic  cluster fiber which is equivalent to a premium down in terms of warmth and filling power. It’s lightweight, packable, water repellent, hypoallergenic  and won't smell.

In January 2016 at Outdoor Retailer show Salt Lake City, Jack met an outerwear manufacturer and associated university research team with a rough design for a heat panel device created for oil workers to wear as protection from cold rough weather condition. Recognizing the concept potential and after spending months of R&D,  Rainforest Inc. perfected the cold weather Heat System technology, a carbon fiber heat panel powered by a rechargeable battery that could be incorporated into fashion outerwear. 

Two heat system styles were put into production as a test for Fall 2016 and made to few upscale luxury retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Richards / Mitchells in Greenwich/Westport, CT.

THS Logo T Hot Style Heat System was introduced In January 2017 fashion market week.

THS Logo T Hot Style Heat System's innovative technology actually warms up your coat from a power pack, providing a great alternative to heavy outerwear by keeping you warm without the bulkiness. There are 3 temperature settings - Red (reaches up to 120 degrees), White ( up to 110 degrees) and Blue (up to 100 degrees). The coat comes with a universal use power bank rechargeable battery which can last from 2 - 6 hours depending on the temperature setting, and can also be used to charge your smart phone.

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